Dear Friends,

Join us for our Upcoming Event :

What: eVe's Dirt Dinner
When: Sunday, March 20, 2011 at 6 PM
Where: eVe Restaurant
             1960 University Ave, at Bonita
(between Martin Luther King Jr. Way and Shattuck Ave.)
             Berkeley, CA 94704
Telephone nr.: (510) 868-0735
Cost: $40 per person ($10 from each dinner goes to support the garden)

Details: eVe will continue its series of family-style Dirt Dinners. 
Partnering with local community gardens to source ingredients straight
from the Berkeley soil, the dinners will be dedicated to putting seasonal
and local vegetables, fruits and herbs on the table.  For this dinner,
eVe will partner with Kenney Cottage Garden. Priced at $40 per person,
$10 from each dinner will go back to support the garden.
For more info, read the article on SF Weekly:

More garden news:

As the seasons change so do our veggies. Plot holders are
starting to see their seedlings turn into stronger plants. Some
are still harvesting their kale and spinach. We are still working on the
plumbing part of the accessible table plots but we can't wait for the disabled
plot holders to come out and plant their veggies soon.

And yes, we are partnering with eVe Restaurant to do an event twice a year
called Dirt Dinner. Please support this event and make a reservation
before this Sunday.

We also still need more of your financial support
in the form of cash, check, or online using your credit or debit card
(see button on the bottom).

There's a lot more to be done at the site. We're almost finished
with the temporary Site Plan C and the next step will be starting
to raise funds for the Master Site Plan.

Please take this chance to make a difference in your
community. Donate online:

Or mail donations to:
Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association
2318 Durant Avenue
Berkeley, CA 94704
Donations can be made in the form of cash or check
(made out to BAHA with FKCOG Match in the Memo).

Once again, we thank you very much.



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We are still working on the plumbing share of the available dawdle plots however we can't stagger for the disabled project holders to occur away again yearly their veggies shortly.

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    We are creating an accessible community garden on a city-owned lot in Berkeley, California. This garden is intended to serve individuals and families from the immediate and surrounding neighborhoods, many of whom are lower income. The current master plan is also being designed to accommodate raised planters for people with disabilities to garden.

    The benefits of this project include strengthening the surrounding community, ensuring food security for those most vulnerable to the vagaries of the current economic downturn, providing nutrition education to neighborhood children so they and their families can learn about growing their own healthy food, and an opportunity for cross-generational and cross-cultural interaction between seniors, kids and others. If you and your household live in Berkeley and are interested in growing your own food, click on the link below:
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    The Kenney Cottage Garden is so named because our hope is to relocate the historic Kenney Cottage to the western half of the vacant lot to be used as a community center for the arts, while creating the accessible community garden on the eastern half of the property. Two local non-profit organizations - the Northern California Land Trust (NCLT) and Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association (BAHA) - have partnered together with us to make this project possible. More information about the cottage is available here.

    Become a member of Friends Of Kenney Cottage Garden. Join one of our committees and make use of your skills and talents to help raise awareness of the garden, volunteer for garden work and aid in our fundraising activities. Consider donating money or materials to the Friends and come to our events. Contact us and take part in our garden project now by clicking on the links below:

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    The mission of Friends of Kenney Cottage Community Garden is to create and maintain a community garden as a resource for the West Berkeley Redevelopment Area and to preserve the historic Kenney Cottage as a usable space.                            


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